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How to stand out from many barbecue restaurants?

The last article mainly talked about the conflict between my friends and his partners at the beginning of the store, and finally parted ways. Today I continue to share how my friends stood out from the many barbecue spots after he left his partners.

I put a big but TV in the stall and moved a DVD player, because I like watching movies and buying VCD movie discs. I play some good movies on the stall. As long as the guests come in, I will Give them a dish of peanuts. In those days, watching movies was not like you can watch on mobile phones anytime and anywhere. You first had to have a disc player and a TV, and then you had to buy or rent discs, which many migrant workers did not have. Therefore, slowly, many customers came to my stall for watching movies.

I kept the price down as much as possible. As long as the customers complain about the dishes, I will give them free orders. I often offer dishes that are not available in other barbecue stalls. Whenever it is windy or rainy when other stalls are not available, I will go out in the rain...As time passed, my guests became more and more, and the tables started to run out.

Of course, my taste is finally more delicious than others.

Then, I met a girlfriend, and then I had a child.

Then my barbecue business became the best in the business under the competition of 10 or 20 barbecue stalls on the whole street.

One day, a young man with glasses came over and asked me, "Boss, do you teach barbecue here?" Then, I had my first apprentice, from Hubei, named Zeng Linghui.

So far, how many apprentices I have taught specifically, I really can’t remember, there must be around 250. Most of them have been in contact with each other for a long time because of the age and underdeveloped communication. , So most of the apprentices can’t name them anymore, but they still remember some of the most impressive ones clearly, especially the first one. At that time I charged him 800 yuan for tuition.

It was a digital camera to take pictures!

For the 2008 Olympics and Guangzhou Chuangwei in 2009, they could only switch to smokeless gas stoves.

At that time, I started to contact the Internet and had my own second-hand antique computer and QQ account.

Full of memories to kill!

Now they are all greasy uncles whose appearance has completely changed!

If you have been in an industry for a long time, you will get tired and tired, and you will want to change your career. You always feel that the industry done by others is better than yours and makes money than you!

As my friend said, he was a little tired and bored with his work in the barbecue industry, so he considered changing his job. Do you want to know, what industry will my friend do next? What difficulties did he encounter in the new industry? Will he return to the barbecue industry? Welcome to subscribe to my blog, and I will continue to share in the next article.


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